Warrior of Light.

Even though books is called Warrior of Life, I dear to say, Warrior of Light gives much more sense. As explained in the book, the term “Warrior of Light” – someone who is always actively trying to realize his dream. That’s exactly about Paolo Coelho. Since the adolescence he knew, he want to became worldwide famous writer. He really did it, realised his dream, with such a martyrdom.

Kiss of the Needle.

After reading the book I can conclude that Paolo was addicted to drugs, sex and his dream, nothing else metered, there was a Evil and God in between. He have been taken into custody. It was never enough, he always wanted more, and he knew what exactly. His book Veronika Decides to Die is about author’s life, about his parents violence against him. He have been a victim. As in the story about Veronika he have been placed in a mental asylum by his parents and subjected to brutal electroshock treatment.

In a curtly words – not everything was so bad in Coelhos life – he still managed to be successful until his fame hour.

People loved him, but critics continued cursing book after book. Same kind a magic had always been his ally.

I just kindly suggest to everyone who loves or hates his books, take this one Warrior’s Life read it, and then make your decision – on which side you are.

Here you can find some more information about Paolo in latvian.



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